Office: Thanks to the construction of the steel tube frame with mesh, the seat adjusts perfectly to the sitting position and stimulates the user to sit actively and more dynamically.

Low: Height adjustment is totally integrated into the mechanism. Via a Bowden cable system which runs directly through the Dondola® 4D mechanism and triggers adjustment of the seat height.


GX3 (Back and Seats)

GX0 (Back and Seats)



  • Dondola® system: A unique movement technology is invisibly integrated above the chair’s mechanism. The three-dimensionally moveable seat including armrest is supporting back health-scientifically proven.This joint decouples the rigid connection from the base part of the chair and thus causes micro movements during sitting which relieve and strengthen the spine. As proven by a conducted scientific study: The Dondola® joint lastingly supports the health of your back.
    – Regression of pain among subjects by 66 %
    – Decrease in limitations caused by back pain in daily life by 50 %
    – Significant increase of general well-being by up to 39 %

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