The Tono storage system depicts the freedom of a comprehensive program with open and closed cabinets featuring distinctive light legs. A program designed both for offices and collective spaces, as well as for homes.

The Tono cabinet is made up of a buffet sideboard, measuring 70 cm in height, with two, three or four doors. It’s a modular collection, where you first choose the base structure and then make different height compositions featuring two door modules (90 cm), one door modules (45 cm) and open shelves (45 cm)

The total height of the cabinets is the sum of the structure height (26 cm) and the cabinets heights (45, 70, 103 and 143 cm), so the total height of the cabinets is 71 cm, 96 cm, 129 cm and 169 cm, respectively.



Alvic Luxe High brightness

Alvic Zenit Super Mate

Alvic Syncron



Luxe: 18.3 mm thick high-density fiber panel. High gloss lacquered design, matte soft touch or synchronized by means of a new generation process, offering high resistance and a steady finish. 

Melamine: 19 mm thick wooden particle board, glued with synthetic resins with an average density of 650 kg/m3. Melamine coating and ABS rolled edge applied with PUR glue (polyurethane solid adhesive) glue and melamine coating density.


Structure 40 x 20 mm oval tube foot and 40 x 20 mm rectangular structure, in black or white finishes.

Locks Master key lock for cabinets measuring 96 cm, 105 cm, 129 cm and 169 cm in height. It’s not possible to add a key lock to the cabinet with a total height of 71 cm. 

Handles The aluminum profile handles are minimalist and very comfortable. Available in matt black and white finishes matching the structure color.


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