Tono collection is born from the union between the oval standing and a rectangular crossbar compendium. These two simple joined shapes give the personality, design, robustness, and simplicity to the Tono tables.

Tono Operational Tables have a depth of 80 cm. They are composed of single tables, return tables and benches.

Tono offers the possibility of using separating, self-supporting and fixed screens. These can be in all finishes available in our catalogue (upholstered or not).

The electrification of Tono is very well resolved, with a system of horizontal, vertical, and top access trays.



Alvic Luxe High brightness

Alvic Zenit Super Mate

Alvic Syncron




Bilaminate Worktops
Chipboard 19 mm-thick tabletops, glued with synthetic resins, of an average density of 650 kg/m3.

Worktops:  Luxe, Zenit & Syncron
18 mm-thick worktops, manufactured in our production plants. Contemporary chromatic choices. Excellent design and quality.

Luxe: it is a high-resistance gloss lacquered surface with mirror effect and anti-fingerprint coating.

Zenit: it is a super mate lacquered surface with mirror effect and anti-fingerprint coating.

Syncron: it is a textured surface. Its design and embossed finish complement each other to reach higher natural decorative levels.

Metallic structure
Cold laminated steel-plate, coated with OVEN-CURED SMOOTH epoxy powder finishing in black (ral 9005) and white (ral 9003) with a 70-micron medium thickness layer. Structures are made up of 2 mm-thick oval legs of 60 x 30 mm, 3 mm-thick crosspieces of 50 x 30 mm, and 2 mm-thick beams of 50 x 30 mm.


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