The Tono collection is born from the union between the oval standing and a rectangular crossbar compendium. These two simple joined shapes give the personality, design, robustness, and simplicity to the Tono tables.

Tono Executive Desks have a depth of 80 cm. They are composed of return desks and desks with Credenza. Modesty panels are available in both versions.

Credenza has shelf space and three drawers with Tono pullers and key. Two sliding doors help cover the shelves.



Alvic Luxe High brightness

Alvic Zenit Super Mate

Alvic Syncron




Bilaminate Worktops and Credenza
Chipboard 19 mm-thick tabletops, glued with synthetic resins, of an average density of 650 kg/m3.

Worktops and Credenza: Luxe, Zenit & Syncron
18 mm-thick worktops, manufactured in our production plants. Contemporary chromatic choices. Excellent design and quality.

Luxe: it is a high-resistance gloss lacquered surface with mirror effect and anti-fingerprint coating.

Zenit: it is a super mate lacquered surface with mirror effect and anti-fingerprint coating.

Syncron: it is a textured surface. Its design and embossed finish complement each other to reach higher natural decorative levels.

Metallic structure
Cold laminated steel-plate, coated with OVEN-CURED SMOOTH epoxy powder finishing in black (ral 9005) and white (ral 9003) with a 70-micron medium thickness layer. Structures are made up of 2 mm-thick oval legs of 60 x 30 mm, 3 mm-thick crosspieces of 50 x 30 mm, and 2 mm-thick beams of 50 x 30 mm.

Locks: lock with optional master key for drawers.

Drawer handles: aluminium profile handles, minimalist and very comfortable. Available in black and white matte, always matching the colour of the structure.


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