Elegant lines, exquisite finishes and versatility. This is Tendency. The new office project, conceptualized by a renowned Parisian architecture studio, in which several Ofitres furniture collections intersect. A project developed, according to its creator, from an emotional side, yet functional.

The capacity and versatility of the different collections of the brand involved in the project is masterfully exemplified. See this in the use of the Avant counter, the Tendencies cabinets, the Hat poufs, the D1 or Link chairs, the POP tables or the Oxygen circular tables, among others.

The Tendency project clearly states that the different proposals of furniture made by Ofitres for office spaces are aligned with the most demanding architects and interior designers. They are offering them a wide variety of options to create a common thread, through the different pieces, integrating them all harmoniously in all types of designs and in any work environment.