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Chipboard of wood particles in 19 mm and 10 mm thick, glued with synthetic resins of medium density 650 kg / m3.

Perfect finishes in the drawers, far superior to the traditional gluing system.

The sides of the chest of drawers, as well as the bottom, are manufactured in 19mm thick particle board with a melamine coating. The rear, in 10 mm melamine of the same material. The top of the chest of drawers is manufactured in the same finish as the front ones.


Melamine A

Alvic Luxe High brightness A

Alvic Zenit Super Mate A

Melamine B


ASSEMBLY: the chest of drawers is assembled, screwed with metal hardware, and pressed with high pressure glue.
DRAWERS: metal drawers, integral sheet drawer, adapted to metal bearing guides. Made of sheet steel DC01, 0.7mm black finish. With integrated soft closing.

Soft close. Without noise. Total extraction of drawers and file drawer. Wooden drawers. Body formed by DM elements with aluminum color coating.

Metal guides finished with epoxy paint, equipped with rollers covered with material to dampen noise and allow silent sliding.

Partial extraction of drawers and file drawer. Possibility of drawers or file drawer file with metal frame adaptable to sizes a4, Folio and legal / letter. Plumier tray made of high strength plastic material.


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