Autor Héctor Ruiz -Velázquez Oficinas Serrano 38

Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

rock-solid materiality





Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez






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The Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid, one of the main neuralgic and social centers in the capital, is the location chosen by Estinvest for their new headquarters and offices. An innovative and very dynamic workspace, designed by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez after the thorough and holistic analysis of the original venue possibilities.


Based on a unitary space understanding, on one hand, and on the distinction of each of its parts, on the other, the architect has created ‘a new dual architecture that allows coexistence and individuality from a connection standpoint’. The dynamics are focused on use, purpose and circulation, where the corporate unit governing the project, connected by materials and construction lines, coexists with the specific needs of the different activities and spaces, which include rental spaces, individual workspaces, and projection and meeting rooms.


‘The hardest part of the project was distribution and circulation, since the customers asked us for some private spaces with high acoustic isolation, thus generating a subdivided plant with many areas lacking natural light,’ says Ruiz-Velázquez, who points out that what originally was an inconvenience turned into an opportunity. The overfragmentation is a metaphor that connects with nature and matter spirituality.


With a clean formal design and continuous surfaces, combined with a practical distribution and a careful circulation planning, the offices turn into modern spaces that thoroughly solve acoustic, ventilation, privacy and light issues. Developed as part of the architecture itself, lighting has been carefully placed in grooves in the ceiling, dramatically emphasizing the tectonic character of the stone blocks and bathing the space with indirect light, omnipresent and serene, which enhances staff concentration and wellbeing. The furniture, functional and operational, has been jointly developed with the Grupo Alvic Ofitres brand. ‘We have tried at all times to integrate aesthetics and technology in a design where daily and workspace activities coexist’, points out the architect. To achieve this, he has opted for solutions such as electrified tables, which allow to maintain the space free of wires and tidy, led panels or convenient videoconference displays. LN


The Opop table with a black structure finish and a Neolith top dominates the meeting room. The cabinets are from the Tendencies line in Pearl Grey finish.


The offices are furnished with Opop tables with white structure, a Pearl Grey top and credenza. These are electrified to keep the space tidy and free of wires.


The kitchen belongs to the kitchen division of Ofitres (Alvic).






Héctor Ruiz Velázquez